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This a review of a great eBook I recently purchased and read called Pinteresting Strategies, which was researched and written by Carly Campbell creator of Mommy on Purpose.

Are you looking for a way to boost traffic to your website?  Well, that’s probably a dumb question because the answer is, well, aren’t we all?, and every blogger knows that Pinterest is the number one strategy that successful bloggers are using.

When Pinterest started out in 2010, it was a craft-y, recipe-y, DIY-y social media platform where people could create boards and  “pin” all the things they found there that they liked, so they could refer to them later.

Fast forward seven years, and Pinterest is a full on search engine.  You can search anything under the sun and find what you are looking for, and the majority of the pins lead to … you guessed it … somebody’s website; whether it be a brand or a blog.

So, it is downright mandatory for blogger’s to find a strategy to cash in on, on Pinterest, to drive traffic back to their site.

How Carly Gets 200K Pageviews Per Month

But how … and where do you start?

I was in a bit of a haze … plucking around in the dark, pinning here and there and not really knowing what I was doing, until I found Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies.

Carly dissects Pinterest in amazing ways and helps the reader to understand it’s algorithm, and why some pins get traction and others don’t.  But that’s not all though, here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • pin design & set-up
  • Pinterest SEO and keywording
  • what Pinterest is thinking and “seeing”
  • the power of Group Boards
  • manual pinning strategies
  • and one huge viewing tip that nobody would ever think of (but it’s hugely important!)

Who’s Carly Again?

Carly Campbell manages the uber successful blog, Mommy on Purpose, and she really works it!  She uses her own manual pinning strategy to get 200K page views per month to her blog!

The thing I like about Carly is that she is down to earth, real and she tells it just like it is.  Oh, and she’s done a ton of hands-on research that she has implemented on her own blog and put it all into this eBook, so I know she knows what she is talking about.

What impressed me most was her determination to find out everything she could about Pinterest from the inside out, and then present it in an eBook so that it all makes sense.  And, it’s full of case studies and visuals that make it easy to follow.

Pinteresting Strategies is the culmination of hours and hours of trial and error and learning.

I’ve read a lot of eBooks, and I can and will truthfully say that Pinteresting Strategies is a great value just in the first few chapters alone.

And the price tag?  I think you’ll be surprised at how little it costs.

I recommend that you purchase Pinteresting Strategies and read it a couple of times (and take notes).  This eBook is jam packed with information all bloggers and business owners need to know about Pinterest, and I don’t want you to miss anything!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Oh, and as a parting thought, Carly shares her income reports in Pinteresting Strategies.    Prepare to be amazed!

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