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I hate a naked couch!  There, I said it.  It just seems like there is something missing when I see a couch with no decorative touch.

Couches are great in and of themselves, and they are such a big part of the living or family room and how can you relax without them really?  But they can be stale and just plain boring.  They can just kind of … sit there waiting for someone to sit on them.

So, adding some “dressing” to your couches can really liven them up.  It’s also a great opportunity to add colour,  flair and personality to a room.  Not to mention the practicality of adding more comfort to the couches themselves.

Let’s look at some possibilities.

Decorative Pillows or Cushions

This one is pretty obvious and some couches already come with them.  Cushions certainly add colour, but they also add comfort too.  Cushions are available different colours, textures, sizes and shapes, so there is a lot of ways to get creative.  Here’s a few ideas:

  • mix and match them
  • layer them on top of each other
  • mesh them into the corner crannies between the arm rests and the back of the couch
  • rest rectangular ones against the arm rests perpendicular to the back of the couch
  • rest them simply against the back of the couch for a decorative accent and punch a “V” in the top centre of square ones to change the shape.

5 Great Decor Ideas for Your Naked Couch

One of the great decorative reasons to use cushions and pillows is that they can become a focal point in the room and colours can be “pulled out”, and matched with decorative touches elsewhere, such as candles, carpets, or even feature walls, to add to the flow and theme of the room.

The possibilities are endless with pillows and cushions, and sometimes they can also give you a soft place to rest your head!

Blankets, Throws and Afghans

Have you ever wondered if your couch gets cold?  I know, I know, bad … but blankets, throws and afghans are a great decorative feature for all the same reasons noted above with pillows and cushions.

They are also very versatile because they can be folded in a dozen different shapes and draped on the backs of couches, over the armrests or even across the seat.

5 Great Decor Ideas for Your Naked Couch

There’s practical uses for your couch to “wear” a blanket too.  A blanket draped across the seat can save the couch from spills and animal hair.  And, it’s great to have a blanket close at hand when you are watching television, reading, or doing a leisure activity on wet, chilly nights.

A great idea for Christmas is to buy a blanket for each member of the family, so everyone has their own, and have them handy for cozy family nights.

A Shallow Basket or Tray

Sometimes the coffee table juuusssst ain’t close enough.  Put a shallow tray or basket at one end of the couch to house your favourite book, iPad, a newspaper, or maybe a pen and paper, your reading glasses or the remote.  People will be less apt to sit on your favourite book or expensive electronic if it has a “home”.

A decorative tray or basket could also hold a favourite decorative dish, a framed photo, or maybe a box of tissues.  I’m thinking’ it’s not a great idea for candles, but I’ll leave the up to you!

A shallow tray could be used to hold a snack or a drink to save your back from leaning towards the coffee table, and save spills from happening on the couch.  Doing needle work or reading?  A tray could support a small lamp that you want just a little bit closer to where you are sitting.

5 Great Decor Ideas for Your Naked Couch

A Laptop Table

For those times when you just can’t stay away from your computer, a laptop table can save your … well … lap from the heat and weight of the laptop.  It can also offer your wrists a break from bad positioning while typing.  My favourite laptop table is right here.  I really like to have something to set my computer on, and it doubles as a writing surface or a book rest.  It can even be used as a portable dining table as well for those cozy nights eating in front of the TV!

Drape a BohemianTapestry Over the Back of a Couch

Couches are big, so they often look like they need … just something.  Bohemian Tapestries are a beautiful way to add colour and charm to a couch.  Here’s an example of a beauty that I found on Amazon.

They can be paired with decorative pillows and throws, and are very unique in design and texture.

Also, the geometric patterns in Bohemian Tapestries are supposed to provide positive energy to any room.  Hmmm, sounds a bit far-fetched, but positivity is great wherever it comes from!

One of the beautiful things about any Tapestries is that they can tell a story and are a beautiful piece to design a room around because of their size.  Here’s another great one!

Most of all, decorating couches should be fun and show your personality.  Oh, and these ideas can be mixed and matched too!

Do you have any fun ideas for taking the naked out of your couch?  If so, I’d love to hear them!