I’m Kelly, a happily married Canadian gal and mom to 3 amazing young adults and a 3-year old pomeranian/chihuahua cross named Ruby.  I am beyond grateful for all of them, and I’m grateful for you too.  Welcome!

I started my blogging journey quite by accident.  I was minding my own business in a coffee shop one day when an invitation came across my Facebook feed to join a blogging group.  I was intrigued, so I decided to give it a try, and so far I feel like I’m on a freight train that won’t stop!

I have a number of interests (some of them come and go), including travel, boating, reading, photography, home decor, gardening, pets, natural remedies, art of any kind (I dabble in watercolour), Matryoshka dolls (I’m a collector), and Christmas Villages (I have a kick-ass one!)



Here’s a few randoms just for fun:

  • I love coffee.  I can’t live without a couple of cups a day
  • I’ve had a lot of different jobs, which has provided for a potpourri of useless knowledge
  • I have what I call a “mommy” tattoo on my ankle – my children’s initials
  • I have a fascination with “old” Hollywood … the glitz, the glam … all of it
  • Watching Pretty Little Liars was the most unexpected guilty pleasure of my life
  • Cooking is not my favourite thing, but I love a nicely decorated kitchen
  • I have mild/moderate OCD which I am able to manage, but it results in an “everything symmetrical” situation at times



As lives go, I’ve had a pretty normal one full of ups, downs and sideways’, and like everyone else, I’m just trying to figure it out one day at a time, and often in the most unglamorous way possible!  

On the serious side, I have a special interest in destigmatization of mental illness and supporting those that suffer on a daily basis. 

I also have an interest in doing my part to create a world of acceptance where everyone can live their life in a supportive, respectful and non-judgmental world regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, income or illness of any kind.  

Kind of sounds like I’m in the “world peace” interview portion of a beauty contest, but wouldn’t it be great?



My blog is about enriching our home life, our health life, our fun life, and generally finding ways to feel the best we can about ourselves and our journey.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you leave better than when you arrived either by learning a new tip or remedy or maybe even in higher spirits.

Here’s a few links to some of my most popular posts:

No one person is any better or any worse than any other … we’re just all on different journeys.

 ~ kelly skuse

Enjoy your day!

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