I love kids … really, I do, but for my first vacation to Mexico, I wanted to make sure that I got some serious quiet time.  You know what I mean?  Well, Casa Velas resort offers a tranquil experience that put my relax into overdrive with beautiful decor and lush, green grounds, exquisite food and an amazing staff that make the quality of your visit their priority.  And as for quiet, ahhhh, I think you could hear a pin drop in the aisles!

The trip was a 30th wedding anniversary celebration for my husband and I, so we were banking on making sure we enjoyed every second.  And we were not disappointed. 

Casa Velas is an adult-only property, in the Marina District of Puerto Vallarta.  It is far enough away from the city so you are not caught up in the hustle and bustle, but close enough that you can still enjoy day trips for shopping and touring.

The resort offers various “levels” of guest rooms which offer various different amenities depending upon the style and cost of the room.  Some of these amenities include jacuzzi tubs, private immersion pools, private terraces and dining tables for those that like to dine in.

Alas, my suite was at the bottom of the rung, but still above-average as hotel and resort suites go!  We stayed in a Master Suite, and I have to say that our king-sized bed felt like sleeping in a cloud, and I don’t say that lightly!  

They also have what are called Wellness Suites, which offer various wellness amenities like an exercise bike in-suite, an aromatherapy kit, and magnetic technology in the pillows and mattresses among a bunch of other well-ness related stuff.

The staff at Casa Velas are very warm and welcoming and make all guests feel pampered and like family.  You are welcomed “home” after a day out touring or to the beach, and the staff are always on the lookout for ways that they can enrich your stay, including offering a refreshing drink to enjoy during check-in.  It was a nice experience to learn the names of the various staff and find out their stories too … and they always remember your name!

Casa Velas Best Resort in Puerto Vallarta!

Casa Velas is a smaller resort with only one restaurant, 2 bars, a large solar-heated pool, a beauty salon, a full-service spa and health club and a fully-equipped fitness centre.  And, the spa makes house calls too, you can arrange for a massage in the garden outside your suite!

Some other interesting services offered are a pillow menu, a handbag bar and a jewellery rental service.  How decadent is that!   

The resort is not located directly on the beach, but guests have access to the Casa Velas Beach Club, which is accessible by  a shuttle from the main resort.  The Beach Club offers a restaurant, and one of the things I liked about it was that it offered more casual food, sandwiches, tacos, of course, the same signature hospitality and pampering offered by the main resort.

Casa Velas Best Resort in Puerto Vallarta!

The resort offers a wonderful and varied selection of freshly prepared meals at both restaurants, and pool and beachside delivery if requested.  The main restaurant, Emiliano is more formal and offers many gourmet-style offerings with  brilliant combinations and beautiful presentations.  The Beach Club restaurant offers an asian theme, along with delicatessen-style sandwich offerings.  My favourite were the vegetarian spring rolls which were packed with flavour and just a small hint of heat!

A day poolside starts with a carafe of water brought to your chair or cabana, with various infused flavours from lemon and citrus to hibiscus, cucumber and mint.  The staff were very attentive and accommodating up to and including … cleaning our eyeglasses!  

The chips, salsa and guacamole are, of course, a local treat, and their guacamole recipe is one of the best I’ve had!  You can order full lunch items if you like as well, if walking to the restaurant is too much work!  The pool also offers a swim-up bar with underwater bar stools.  How cool is that.

Casa Velas offers various activities for their guests including afternoon cocktail tastings, a casino night, a cooking class, cuban cigar making demonstration and a wine and cheese tasting event, just to name a few.  We attended a cooking class poolside with a glass of wine and the beautiful afternoon sun, and learned how to make a very tasty soup.

Another interesting feature of Casa Velas, is the Marina Vallarta golf course which surrounds the property and to which guests have privileges.  You don’t have to go far to enjoy a round of golf, and they offer weekly tournaments on Fridays for serious players.

And I’ve left the best for last!  My favourite feature of Casa Velas and one which I was extremely enchanted with, were the resident peacocks that roam the resort freely.  I often enjoyed a morning cup of joe with them at my feet, and the males were only too happy to share their plumes.  Only drawback – they make very good alarm clocks!

Casa Velas - Best Resort in Puerto Vallarta


Put Casa Velas on your list of things to do.  I know I will go back to Casa Velas, and seriously, they didn’t pay me to say any of this!  Click here Hotel Casa Velas for their website and more stunning photos of the property and amenities.  And say “hi” to the peacocks for me!