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Have you ever been to Prince Edward Island?  No … me neither, but by the looks of things, we’re missing something.  

I’ve started watching the new CBC television series Anne, based on the book, Anne of Green Gables.  When I first began watching it, my first thought was that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I thought it would inevitably be a kid’s show, but by the end of the first episode, I was hooked!

The character depiction of Anne herself through clever and fun writing and the brilliant acting of Amybeth McNulty in the title role, combined with the period costumes and depictions of a close-knit community have resulted in very special experience.  The scenery of a bygone era provides a serenity which is such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of our modern lives that it is difficult not to be drawn to it.

Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the novel, Anne of Green Gables in 1908, the first of nine books featuring the character of Anne.  Interestingly, the final book was not published until 2009 although it had been given by Ms. Montgomery to her publisher the day before her death in 1942.  I wonder what she would have thought of her beloved story being recreated in a small box in people’s living rooms!  Of course this is not the first time, but would she be as enchanted by our complicated life as we are with the simple one of her “Anne”?

Anne of Green Gables is set in Prince Edward Island, where Lucy Maud Montgomery was born, and there are many attractions on the island that fans of the books can enjoy including the Green Gables Heritage Place, Avonlea Village and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthplace.  Here’s a link to Tourism Prince Edward Island’s All Things Anne page which explains all of the attractions in more detail.  Tourism PEI  offers a very appealing website with many photographs of this beautiful province.

Historic and Beautiful Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a province in the Canadian maritimes.  When I was a child, learning the provinces of Canada in school, I used to call it “pie” as a way to remember it.  The province was named for Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and Strathearn who lived from 1767 to 1820.  It is the smallest province in Canada in both population and area, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in scenery and character.  The island can be accessed by either air, ferry or by vehicle crossing over the Confederation bridge.

PEI offers some unique and beautiful natural wonders.

Many people do not know that due to the smaller population, and a resultant lower level of light pollution, the Northern Lights are often visible from one of many beautiful beaches or the rural areas of the province.

The red cliffs and beaches along Prince Edward Island’s coast offer stunning landscapes including Tea Cup Rock which is located at Thunder Cove beach.  Tea Cup Rock is a beautiful red rock formation which is shaped like a teacup.

Historic and Beautiful Prince Edward IslandHistoric and Beautiful Prince Edward Island

One of the wonders I find particularly interesting is Singing Sands Beach.  While taking a walk on this beach, located close to the eastern tip of the island, a squeaking noise can be heard in the sand that is fascinating in that it is not yet fully explained by science.  Here’s a great video of the phenomenon! Singing Sands Beach

Historic and Beautiful Prince Edward Island

Of course, no self-respecting maritime province would be complete without fresh seafood.  Well, PEI is no different, and of course, that includes lobster.  Lobster is one of my favourite treats, and I’ll enjoy it any way it’s cooked!  I found this great website that tells us exactly how to cook it and offers some great recipes – Taste PEI Lobster – How To Cook Lobster.  It’s interesting to note that PEI is also known for its nutrient-rich farmlands, and has been producing potatoes since the late 1700s; in fact, it is the number one potato producing province in Canada.  Here’s some recipes for those too! PEI Potato Recipes.  

I enjoyed learning about Prince Edward island, a province as close to the Atlantic Ocean as I am to the Pacific, and I know I’ll be watching Anne next season, both for it’s beautiful story and acting as well as the glimpses of Prince Edward Island that it offers.

Just a couple more pics!

Historic and Beautiful Prince Edward IslandHistoric and Beautiful Prince Edward Island








All photographs courtesy of Tourism Prince Edward Island and credited as follows:        

Anne & LM Montgomery birthplace by John Sylvester; Thunder Cove Beach & Greenich Boardwalk by Carrie Gregory.; lobster by Stephen Harris; Cavendish by Dave Brosha.

Wanna learn to take stunning photos?  Many of the photographs on the Tourism PEI website offer camera setting information.