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Large decorative flowers can look captivating, and I took some time yesterday to admire the large floor and table bouquets that were being displayed in a nearby decor store.  I have always shied away from these, as in the past, I have opted for more subtle decor.  But lately I have been drawn to large blooms and natural displays, and here’s five reasons, in alphabetical order, why I think you should be too.

Large Decorative Flowers - Yes? or No?

Colourful.  I’m a huge fan of colour.  It adds a pop to a room and is very pleasing to the eye.  Colour can also dictate the “mood” of a room.  Bright, vibrant colours add an element of playfulness and fun, while whites and grays add elegance and style.  Save the blues and indigos for the bedroom; they evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

Dramatic.  You can’t miss large items.  Your eyes are immediately drawn to them when you enter a room, and they make you take a second look.  Pair large bouquets with a small candle or dish for a dramatic height contrast, or put one on a low coffee or console table to make it really stand out.

Featurable.  Large pieces can provide a feature object that you can work around and pull colours and textures out of.  Similar to the way a fireplace is often the centre of a room, a large bouquet could serve this purpose too.  Add a large bouquet of wine or sun coloured flowers, or even both, and subtly splash the colour around the rest of the room with matching pieces like pillows or candles.

Natural.  Who doesn’t like nature?  It’s all around us, and when used in decor, it adds a level of calm and harmony.  It can also add depth and uniqueness to a room.  Have a look at this beautiful article in The Cottage Market (one of my favourites) Decorating With Natural Elements 25 Different Ways for some great ideas to incorporate nature into your indoor life.

Large bouquets can be placed in many areas of the home, and can be paired or grouped with other items such as candles or even photographs to add variety.  They make wonderful, dramatic dining table centrepieces, and are  great to keep in your decor arsenal even if you don’t use them day to day.  You can pull them out for a special occasion or gathering.  And, of course, they are a great way to decorate the oft forgotten corner of a room.


Photographs taken with permission of Urban Barn